About the Company

Who We Are

Mark & Craig founded Crazy Mountain Xtreme in 1996 because they knew they could build a better snowmobile. They were dissatisfied with the mediocre products that the big manufacturers were producing, which weren’t capable of getting everywhere they wanted to in the backcountry.

They started building custom sleds for themselves and their friends using only the highest quality materials and countless hours of labor to create the high-horsepower, feather light, snow-shredding backcountry machines that came to be known as CMX. The CMX masterpieces drew a lot of attention and pretty quickly turned the passion for the sport of snowmobiling into a full time business.

To this day, Crazy Mountain Xtreme maintains the same guiding principle- build it with the best materials, not the cheapest materials. This is just one of the many things that sets CMX apart from the competition. As they always likes to say at CMX, “We don’t just build them, we ride them too!” & “We don’t look for the cheapest parts, we look for the best parts to build our products”.

CMX is quickly gaining recognition in the snowbike industry and for good reason. The CMX Snowbike Kit is nothing short of revolutionary in its design, build and functionality. But that doesn’t mean that we will forget where our roots are. We look forward to furthering the industry and growing with it, but we will always maintain our small business service. That means a couple things- one-on-one customer service and constant evolution. Mark, Kamron and the crew at CMX will always be the ones to answer the phone and your questions- something the bigger manufacturers simply can’t offer. Constant evolution means that as we evolve the CMX products and discover better ways to do things or updates to make you go faster and father, we will implement those changes right away so that you don’t have to wait until the following year model.

CMX is proud to be American made! We will always be manufactured 100% here in the land of the free and home of the brave! When you purchase a CMX product, you are supporting the American dream.

CMX loves our customers! We want to get to know you, so give us a call or stop in to see the future of backcountry riding. Come out and play with us in the steep and deep, you won’t regret it.