CMX Snowbike Kit

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We are very excited about our Crazy Mountain Xtreme Bike Kit. We are applying the same fundamental practices building these kits as we did building CMX Snowmobiles. We never look for the cheapest parts to build our products, we look for the best parts. We build products the way that we would want them for our own use, because we don’t just build them, we ride them too and we want the best!

We are also applying the same technology that we have learned in our 25 plus years of experience building CMX snowmobiles to the CMX Bike Kit. Just like our CMX snowmobiles, we are building the CMX Bike Kit for back country mountain riding.

The chassis assembly of the CMX is built from CNC machined aluminum parts. This design and manufacturing procedure lends itself to a very high level of precision. Our R&D team learned that mounting the track system as far forward as possible is a huge advantage. By having the chassis mounted further forward, it puts the rider weight in a better position, which greatly improves handling. Our bike adapter is 1-1/4″ thick billet aluminum. The adapter mounts to the motorcycle, and the CMX chassis mounts to the bike adapter. This allows for multiple mounting positions. Different bikes with different style of rear suspensions will dictate how far forward the kit can be mounted and still maintain clearance between the track and the frame. The CMX was designed to have a compliant link rod (not rigid mounted to the bike). By using a polyurethane bushing in the end of the link rod, it allows for movement between the CMX chassis and the bike. The link rod is aluminum tube and has left hand threads on one end and right hand on the other, so it can be adjusted without removing it.

The new design CMX rails (built by IceAge) are lighter and stronger. We also lengthened and redesigned the front of the rail for the 2018 season to create an even better attack angle. This, combined with correct rear suspension geometry provide a very shallow attack angle, which will improve the ability to get up on the snow. This geometry also maintains perfect track tension as it goes through its travel. Our rear suspension with a scissor-style rear torque arm will soak up the bumps as well as provide transition to lift the front-end for a very light feeling, playful riding style. ZBROZ coil-over shocks are standard equipment. The crew at ZBROZ ride CMX Snowbikes in the mountains and they constantly strive to improve suspension performance.

The CMX track has a 2-1/2″ tall center lug with a 2 1/4″ outer lug, and is 12-1/2″ wide. This design makes for great trail manners as well as making it a great deep-snow track. We have 3 track lengths available; 120″, 129″ & 137″. This season we will be building an 11″ wide kit. This narrower kit will be best suited for Snowbike racing and smaller riders. The standard 12 1/2″ wide track will be better for steep and deep backcountry riding where floatation is the priority.

CMX built the first belt drive system to be used on a production built snowmobile in 1999. We also offered it in kit form for all brands of snowmobiles. We realized the performance benefits of a belt drive system over a chain drive system with the very first one we built. The belt drive system on the CMX Bike Kit is the best one we have built to date. We started with a clean sheet of paper. The 1/2″ thick CNC’d aluminum plate that bolts to the side of the chassis not only houses the belt drive system, it also adds rigidity to the chassis. We chose to run a right side drive for our secondary drive to create a more balanced system. The hubs on the jackshaft that the bearings ride on are 9.3″ from bearing to bearing. This balances the load to the track that starts at the countershaft sprocket on the bike. It also puts less torsional load on the chassis and bearings because it carries the load on bearings that are 9.3″ apart. The aluminum trackshaft has a 1-1/16″ hex. The jackshaft and the trackshaft are one-piece units made from 7075 T6 billet aluminum. This means the hubs that the sprockets and brake disc mount to are part of the shaft. Because our sprockets and brake disc bolt directly to hubs, our design eliminates the need for splines. This also eliminates the problem of wear that takes place between sprockets and shafts with splines. In our experience, the belt drive is not only more efficient in transferring power to the track, it is just as durable as a chain on big drops and jumps.

The entire team (engineering, machine, fabrication, welding, assembly and test pilots) at CMX put a lot of thought into the design of the CMX and we are very proud of what we have to offer. We are confident that you will like it too. Let’s ride!

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