CMX Snowbike Kit

We are very excited about our Crazy Mountain Xtreme Bike Kit. We are applying the same fundamental practices building these kits as we did building CMX Snowmobiles. We never look for the cheapest parts to build our products, we look for the best parts. We build products the way that we would want them for our own use, because we don’t just build them, we ride them too and we want the best!

We are also applying the same technology that we have learned in our 25 plus years of experience building CMX snowmobiles to the CMX Bike Kit. Just like our CMX snowmobiles, we are building the CMX Bike Kit for back country mountain riding.

Most Snowbikes are fun to ride. The CMX is MORE fun and easier to ride! Let us tell you why.

CMX! A true backcountry kit. CMX has come a long way in the past 4 years. The kit is truly all CMX now.

CMX built kits from day one that could lift the ski over obstacles or wheelie to do flip turns or just to play. This does not sacrifice the ability to climb or go through deep snow. The rider input of moving your weight forward, keeping the front end down on steep climbs, or rearward, lifting the ski to get over obstacles or just playing, makes the CMX the choice of back-country riders. The CMX Kit is mounted about 3” further forward on the motorcycle than other kits. This improves handling and decreases ski pressure 30 to 50 pounds. The flat approach angle of the track helps to get up on the snow and climb better than a steep approach angle.

CMX designed a track that is recognized as the best track in the industry by all CMX riders, as well as the people who buy them for their brand X kits. Built for CMX by Camso, the CMX track is a full 12 ½” wide. For flotation, the width of the track is more critical than the length. A longer narrower track is still a “snow saw” as opposed to a wider track that creates better flotation. The center of the lugs are 2 ½” tall and taper to 2 ¼” on the outside of the “Twin Tower” outer lug. This increase in traction with the CMX track creates better flotation. If the track is propelling the vehicle forward, it will ride higher in the snow as opposed to trenching because of lack of propulsion.

CMX designed and produced the CMX Spindle. It greatly improves handling by eliminating the flex that most spindles have. We get calls all the time from customers who purchased a CMX Spindle for their brand X kits to tell us how much better the handling is. It is also stronger so it will take a hit and not damage your forks by breaking or folding up.

A CMX Wheel Kit was created to complement the CMX Spindle and Ski.

CMX designed and built the CMX Ski (made by SlyDog). The CMX Ski is 11” wide with straight sides which eliminates the grabby problem that some skis have in crusty snow. It has a wide rounded front that loads the rounded side channels on either side of the deep center keel of the ski to give it lift and flotation. It handles great both on and off the trail. No push or washout when turning. Confidence inspiring! The back of the ski is tipped up so you can pull your Snowbike back in the snow and it will not dig in. Even if you don’t ride a CMX Kit, you owe it to yourself to ride the CMX Ski.

There were many smaller changes along the way to improve kit design.

We have changed valving and spring rates on our ZBROZ Shocks every season as we found better calibration. This season was by far the best calibration we have found. For the more aggressive riders, we offer an upgrade front rail shock with remote reservoir with 21 position clicker adjustability. For the bigger guys, we have higher rate shock springs.

We made the front torque arm in the rear suspension longer and relocated the chassis mounting point to improve the ability to get up on the snow and to improve ride quality. CMX has a very flat track attack angle.

We shortened tunnels by 2” to give more clearance for wheelieing in deep snow and doing flip turns.

We went from a 21 MM wide drive belt to a 28 MM wide drive belt to improve durability. This became necessary because of the increased hookup to the CMX Track. The 28 MM belt has a 2000 lb. stronger breaking strength over the 21 MM. The reasons the CMX Snowbikes roll so easy is the fact that there is 30% less rolling resistance in the CMX Belt Drive over a chain drive. Another reason is proper rear suspension geometry that has less rolling resistance. CMX uses 7 tooth drivers that are larger diameter. The larger diameter reduces rolling resistance.

We are working with SlyDog on a CMX Belt Drive cover that will be made out of UHMW (the same material the CMX Ski is made of). It will be very durable. We are hoping to have it ready for fall deliveries. It will fit all existing CMX Kits.

You can count on CMX to continue to evolve and improve our “AMERICAN MADE” products. We are a family run company, we love what we do and we are here for the long haul. We appreciate your continued support. LETS RIDE!

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