CMX Fun Check 2022 Spring order

We would like to start by pointing out the features on the CMX kits that set them apart from the other kits: We used our 30 years of experience from building CMX Snowmobiles to guide us in building CMX Snowbike Kits. We stopped building sleds in 2015 and transitioned into building Snowbike kits. Reliability, efficiency and light weight are the cornerstones of any over the snow vehicle build. We have all 3 of those bases covered. We don’t look for the cheapest parts to build our kits, we look for the best parts.

The CMX Belt Drive is a carry-over from the sled building days. CMX started building sleds with a belt drive in 1999. The measurable efficiency (rolling resistance) of the CMX Belt Drive over a chain drive is about 30%. That efficiency translates into more power to the snow. You can push a CMX Snowbike across the shop floor (with a wheel kit on the spindle) and the track will roll freely.

The CMX Track is 12 ½” wide with a 2 ½” lug that tapers to 2 ¼” on the outside of the track. We came up with this design based off of the best all-around Snowmobile track we found, which was the PEAK 2.5. The width of the track is more important than the length of the track with regards to floatation. The CMX Sleds we built had a 16” wide track, whereas most other sleds had a 15” wide track. The CMX Snowbike Tracks made by Camso are the most efficient tracks on the market today. The lugs reach just past the center of the track to get maximum traction and floatation which propels the vehicle forward. The “Twin Tower” outer lug design helps to grip the snow surface when cornering or side hilling. The track design, as well as the flat attack angle of the track, help it to get up on the snow faster instead of the trenching that occurs with a steep attack angle. The CMX Billet Spindle is lightweight and rigid. It eliminates the false feedback that other spindles have because of the flex that is inherent to their design. The CMX Spindle, (because it is strong and rigid) transfers the energy/force of an impact of an immovable object into the suspension of the forks instead of a spindle that breaks and damages the forks as it is in the process of breaking and going away.

The CMX Ski design evolved from the many skis that we tested. It has a rounded front to keep it from throwing snow on the riders’ face. It features a deep center keel to improve handling in the deep snow which keeps it from washing out. The outer blades are trailing, which means that they are mostly behind the ski pivot point. This, combined with the rake of the forks, helps pull the ski around corners on the hard packed trails and in the heavier snow. The CMX Ski is 11” wide from front to rear which along with the deep keel improves floatation. The back of the ski is tipped up for those times when you have to pull the Snowbike back in the snow. This helps to keep it from going down and digging in. It also helps for unloading with a ramp. The CMX Ski is very predictable and is confidence inspiring. The CMX Kit is mounted about 3” further forward on the motorcycle than most other kits on the market. This is a huge advantage for many reasons. It is easier to maneuver because the kit is more under the rider and it reduces ski pressure between 30 and 50 lbs. It makes pivot/flip turns easy and fun when you need to change direction in a hurry.

The CMX Shocks custom built by ZBROZ Racing not only provide a great ride on the rough trail, but they also help to get the track up on the snow instead of trenching. The new 2022 calibration will maintain the soft compliant slow speed suspension travel, but the compression valving for high-speed events such as moguls in the trail or big hits from big jumps and drops will be increased to further improve ride quality. The CMX Kit has a compliant link rod, or soft strut. In the event that you bottom out the rear suspension, the actual travel created by the measured at the rear bumper is about 2 ½”, The compliant link rod eliminates the problem of a Snowbike pivoting in the center. When a Snowbike pivots between the bike and kit, the attack angle of the track is negatively affected. It tips the track down and creates a wall which diminishes deep snow performance and the ability to climb. Pivoting in the middle also causes problems including chain tension issues. The typical CMX rider will only have to adjust their chain once or twice a season.

New for 2022! Re-designed Side Plates New Shock Package: Custom CMX by ZBROZ Racing New Tunnel Design New Front Torque Arm Location for rear suspension Re-designed Bike Adapter: To make going from one bike brand to another easier.

Even bigger news!!! NEW FOR 22! THE CMX CONVERTIBLE! “What the heck is that” you say. “The CMX Convertible” will be a kit that includes 137 CMX Track and 137 CMX Rails (with all hardware including hifax). THE CMX CONVERTIBLE KIT will be available for new and existing CMX Customers. You will have the best of both worlds with just one kit. No need to have the expense and hassle of owning 2 kits to swap out for different and changing conditions throughout the season. You will be able to convert your CMX 120 or 129 to a 137 in under an hour. This will be the last word in deep snow and climbing performance. When conditions change in the spring, simply convert back to your more playful 120 or 129. “FUN CHECK” Spring order pricing for the Convertible Kit will be $1350.00 and after 5/15/2021 will be $1500.00


120″- $7,895.00

129″- $8,195.00

“FUN CHECK” Spring Order pricing will include a $300.00 CMX Bucks discount to use however you want. It will also include a CMX Hat! Color choices available. Please call for more details, or to place your order 406-686-4921 “FUN CHECK” Spring Order Program ends 5/15/2021